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I am in IL, but I'm not able to access BiblioBoard Library

Are you in Illinois and trying to access BiblioBoard Library?  If so, go to our homepage to see what is available to you:

This is what you should see:

Search for your library in the dropdown list.  If you do not find your local library listed click on the "BiblioBoard Library of Illinois" to continue on to BiblioBoard Library.  If you are looking for content for children, click on "RAILS for Schools" to move forward.

If you don't have a username and would like to create a profile, click on "Don't have a profile" and walk through the steps.

If you do not see this screen, click "Pinpoint my Location" to see what is available to you.  If you get a box saying "No Libraries Found" we will need to know the IP address your computer/device is using.  You can use our diagnostics link:

Please send us a support ticket and let us know what it says for your IP Address and IP Region and we'll make sure to work with you to give you access!  

Support email:

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