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Will I be able to go back to the Discovery or Enhancement phases after I've moved on?

Absolutely. BiblioBoard Creator allows you to move between each of the phases without losing your work. Feel free to add content in Discovery, add metadata and sort those items into collections in Enhancement and then move back to Discovery to add additional content and so on.

The only time you will not be able to move your Anthology back to any phase is while it's doing the backend processing after you submit it at the end of the Marketing phase.

Should you need to edit your Anthology but you don't see the "Edit" button, contact support with the following information to have your Anthology sent back to an editable status:

- BiblioBoard Creator Username (or email address)
- The name of the Anthology you wish to have moved back

You can contact support directly by clicking the link to the right, just under the search bar.

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