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BiblioBoard is supposed to be available to me without having to log in, but I'm seeing a login screen.

Certain BiblioBoard Library customers are set up with IP or Geolocation IP authentication, meaning that patrons within particular IP ranges can access BiblioBoard Library without entering their library card or student ID information and without setting up a BiblioBoard Library account.

If you believe you should be seeing BiblioBoard Library without having to log in, don't worry. We can help. 

(1) Be sure you're not on a cellular network. Using wi-fi will be the best way to recognize your IP range.

If that isn't your problem:

(2) Visit to see where we believe you are located.
The "Region" section will show us the state or province with which your IP is currently associated.

(3) Email a screenshot or the information on your diagnostics page to
(You can also contact support by clicking on the "Contact Support" link to the right, just under the search bar.)

We'll contact you with information on next steps; you'll be exploring in no time!

Thank you for your patience!

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